About the Schonland Research Institute

The Schonland Research Institute for Nuclear Sciences is situated at the Northern most point of the East Campus of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, the financial and industrial capital of South Africa. The Centre was founded as the Nuclear Physics Research Unit (NPRU) in 1958 under its first director Prof JPF Sellschop. It was part of the Physics Department until 1963 when it became a separate research entity directly funded from the University's research budget.

As of January 1998 the centre was restructured according to a plan of the physics department whereby the centre became essentially an umbrella of autonomous research entities each with its own leader, research programme and independent recognition by and funding from the University Research Comittee.

The Institute was donated by the University to the National Reseach Foundation in December 2004.

It is now being operated by the iThemba LABS

 View of Schonland from across Empire Rd