Staff and Students
Schonland Research Institute
National Nuclear Regulator
International Atomic Energy Agency
University of the Witwatersrand

Postgraduate Course in Radiation Protection


Prof J Watterson (Course Director)
Mr J Larkin (Course Administrator)


Class of 2001

From left to right
Back: A Oyedipe, J Larkin (Administrator), R Oriada, J Watterson (Director), W Wodaje
Middle: O Olorunnisomo, M Ndeye, L Dawood (Assistant), S Masinza, A Umar, D Monyamane (Secretary), N Mlwilo, A Karigi, A Ramlakan, M Dial
Front: C Oppong-Adu, S Elaud, D Argaw, M Lumengano, D Mwalongo